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Honors Result

Each year National University Bangladesh publish Honours Admission Test Result during admission period. Generally December to January. Other parts are published through official website.

Honours Part 1 Result

After a long session problem NU publish honors part 1 result. there may be 2 years delay. As it is a combined exam from around Bangladesh it is really a complicated task. Gazipur main center of NU.BD check khatas then distribute marks. Results published online and most of the time official websites are down.

Honours Part 2 Result

A deep observation shows that online results are helpful for student to grow curiosity. Honors part 4 result means a start of honors life. We found a good number of Carmichael Rangpur, Azizul Haque Bogra, Edward College Pabna, EDEN College Dhaka, Rajshahi college Rajshahi got height intensest and good result.

Honours Part 3 Result

Honors part 3 result means a preparation for job and earning planning time. Most of the student gone matured. They feel the need to form family. These results published after a waiting of at least 6 months. Most time we heared from students that they need extra care. LOng delay of result preparation kills their passion to study.

Honours Part 4 Result

Part 4 is final part. After a long waiting they get their result. During these period they prepare for BCS and other government jobs. honors part 4 result is desired and expected. Also they continue to studying for Masters.

These results hosted by NU EDU of Gov for 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 and so on.

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